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We are a Canada based manufacturer electronic components distributor. We are not a broker for hard to find nor a standard distributor. We can reduce your cost considering many factors; lead time, quality and some of the best pricing in the industry. Only new alternatives that you are to evaluate with data sheets and/or samples. Procurement Chief has gone from doing numerous trades shows in Taiwan, Mainland, and Hong-Kong to spending 4 consecutive months doing company audits, from Shenzhen, CN to Beijing, CN. Let us save you a few steps by being your electronic components distributor today.

Submit your BOM for a free analysis, remember our promise, if we can not show you 20% from web pricing from our partner lines , you will be the lucky owner of a Smart Watch.


OEM Components Priced For Buyers, Made For Engineers

Perfect for adding to AVL in difficult times (Allocation) or having a trusted low cost electronic components distributor. From In house stock to shorter than average lead times.

Axiom is pleased to introduce the signing between Holystone Capacitors and Axiom to be their Canadian Representative firm,

Holy Stone Enterprise Co. Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of MLCC’s. Our core product lines are: surface mount and through hole X and Y Safety Certified Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, and High Capacitance Capacitors. We also support a wide range of SMD Ceramic Capacitors from 0201 to 3640 sizes, at 6.3Vdc to 8KVdc, in NPO, X6S, X7R, X5R, and Y5V temperature coefficients. Through hole Safety Disc Capacitors are available in NPO, SL, X7R, Y5P, Y5V, and Y5U temperature coefficients with X1/Y1 and X1/Y2 class ratings. All Safety Certified Capacitors are recognized by TUV, U/L, CSA, and CQC agencies.

We Create Fully Connected OEM Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Franchises are increasingly more and more profit margin driven. As an electronic components distributor we offer authentic products at low cost due to our direct verified procurement channels. Considering buying from the grey market, please be aware, many nonstandard and non-authorized channel products exist and you can be held in the problem.

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What We Offer as an electronic Components Distributor

We can offer you a pin for pin replacement with a spec sheet and/or samples. As a top electronic components distributor, we do not buy from wholesalers or other distributors. You will not find us on the likes of Alibaba, our manufacturing components partners are verified in person by quality audits to be valid authentic makers.

75% of our partners are publicly traded and some are supplied by Tier1 Distribution. If you buy from Tier 1 distribution and we cannot offer you 20% rebate from web pricing, you will be the lucky owner of a smart watch

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